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Adrift Tahoe, Tahoe's original Surf Shop for rentals and sales of standup paddleboards, kayaks, clothing and accessories, on the beach.

Important Water Safety Tips

Lake Tahoe water can be very cold just under the warm surface.  Inconsistent weather conditions can pose a threat and can be risky for all ages, not just children.  Cold water and high altitude make for very different swimming conditions.  Additionally, the weather in Lake Tahoe can change drastically within a short period of time, therefore, be cautious and plan accordingly if spending the day on the lake.  Please stay in close proximity to your child.  

For current real-time Lake Tahoe meteorological conditions visit this UC Davis page and follow the prompts. 

Please pay close attention anytime you are around water.  Drowning is not like it is portrayed on TV.  Drowning is usually silent with no warning and little to no splashing.  The victim will rarely have the ability to scream and splash.  Parents must keep a vigilant eye on children whenever near water as a disaster may occur within only a few moments of distraction.

With that in mind, as long as you are aware and take appropriate precautions for your skill level, there is nowhere quite as magical as Lake Tahoe to enjoy summer adventures!

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